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Vision foiler 2015 Euro 10500,00

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Vision foiler 2015 Euro 10500,00

Beitragvon Tjibbe Veeloo » Fr 23.02.2018 13:11

Built as a foiler,( so this is not a conversion) by CatamaranParts ( Saarberg ).
Z10 (like new) foils from Exploder, rudders CatamaranParts.
Nice- very hard semi gloss paint.
Saarberg mast incl. Landenberger sail, ideal for 75 / 85 kg.
Boat has no leaks and is completely dry after sailing. Boat is extremely torsional stiff with oversized beams.
Center sheeting.
On the water adjustable spreaders.
On the water adjustable diamond tension.

Since I am leaving the A-class, I can offer a complete sail- ( drive away ) package as well : with a trailer ( with big pol. box ) 1 extra very powerful Mischa sail,
big wheel beach dolly, boat cover, extra battens and lots of spare parts for : 11750,00 Euro ( other combinations possible ).
This boat can be a strong performer in the right hands ( a similar Vision platform was second in the Dutch 2017 championships ).
Boat is in Holland ( Wassenaar ).

For more info mail to Tjibbe Veeloo. email :
tel. 0031703280112 mob. 0031655855073
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mamiya 7 II 8.jpg
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Tjibbe Veeloo
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