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A-Cat MyFly 2014 perfect for learning to foil

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A-Cat MyFly 2014 perfect for learning to foil

Beitragvon marcinrym » So 27.08.2017 19:50

I would like to offer a MyFly platform with foiling set:
- Z10 daggerboards
- T shape rudders
- cover

The boat took 58th place on Worlds in Sopot. (In flying conditions till last day I was 37th)
It is in a good shape, there are some repairs to do in winter, but nothing serious.
All systems are working really well, boat is ready to sail. It is well tuned.
Many photos and videos on facebook:

I have some options to sell:
- platform 7000 EUR
- beach trolley 450 EUR
- Sarberg mast (one year, medium-hard) with Tymek Sail 3600 EUR
- 2014 mast to repair with 2014 Landerberger sail with standard boom 800 EUR (
- boom (one season) 450 EUR
- mainsheet ( production, one season) 500 EUR

There is possibility to drive the boat to Germany.

Extra I can offer new covers for a-cat for 100 EUR and harnesses for 130 EUR.

For contact please use:
+48 660 431 974

Best regards
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